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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 9, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, coming up on today in the bay, today marks the second an verse rery of the deadly san bruno explosion. we'll show you the events planned to honor the victims today. plus, a woman hit and her daughter injured while on a sidewalk. we have the latest on the investigation into what caused a truck to veer off the roadway and onto the sidewalk. plus, another case of the hantavirus in the u.s., this time not at yosemite. this is "today in the bay." and looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza because it is the start of a beautiful day there, you can see a little bit of pink sky in the distance and
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cloud cover keeping things cool. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. we're going to see cool temperatures and get ready to be surprised by the temperatures this morning. 40 in santa rosa, but earlier it was 39 degrees. we have patchy fog in the north bay and few patches of clouds in and around san francisco and bay this morning. it's chilly. notice the wind speed at 21. that's going to ensure that even our inland areas today will stay pretty mild in terms of temperatures, mostly 70 to near 80. right now we have clear skies across the bay area but watch happens 8:00 and 9:00, the fog creeps back in. upper 70s towards santa rosa and livermore. no 80s and 90s on that map. that will change in the seven-day forecast. we'll look at the timing on the warm-up in a few moments.
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>> exactly two years ago today a pg&e pipe line exploded in san bruno and the afternooj was devastated. eight people were killed and dozens of homes completely destroyed. today they'll hold a memorial to mark the two years that have passed since the blast. time has not healed all wounds. >> reporter: heavy machinery and chain link fencing are stark reminders of what happened here two years ago. this kres more neighborhood was at the center of the explosion. >> we have eight homes completely rebuilt. eight families back moved in and we have another 13 or so in the cue in the planning process. >> reporter: as the city prepares to observe the two-year anniversary of when eight people were killed and dozens hurt and 38 homes destroyed, we talked to some people who still worry about the possibility of more defective pg&e pipelines. >> we have family that lives half a block away from that area
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that got hit. yeah, that's still a concern. >> there is pending legislation to improve pipeline oversight and 350 people from the area are part of a consolidated lawsuit against pg&e. >> whatever can be done to improve and at least get that sense of piece of mind that everything is okay, i think it will be better for the community. i think the community is still edgy about that because it's still too fresh. >> we're trying to build physically the neighborhood back but the psychological part is very difficult and has been difficult and will continue to be difficult. and the more we get together in this community, the easier it is for us to heal ourselves. >> and that was ceremony at the san bruno park is scheduled from 5:00 to 7:00 this evening. there are a group of members that will boycott that anniversary. >> life threatening injuries after being shot in downtown san
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francisco. it happened jucht after midnight on ellis street. police are not giving the exact location but tell us paramedics found the man laying on the street suffering from one gunshot wound. police have not made any arrests. >> a walnut creek man is in custody after plowing into a family. the crash happened last night around 6:30 near the intersection of north main street and parkside drive. witnesses say three people were on the sidewalk when the driver of a speeding truck drove right into them. police say a mother was killed, her adult daughter was severely injured and the driver of that pickup truck had to be pried free. it was wedged against the retaining walls. 5 3-year-old of walnut creek was later arrested on vehicular manslaughter charges. >> a young girl, she was laying down, her head was all bloody. >> that's what i heard.
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>> she was i was kind looking and another lady came to me and said that mom was dead. >> they are looking into how fast the pickup driver was going and whether alcohol might have played a role in the crash. friends and family of a missing college student have a new website which they hope will help find them and bring him home. the website is called find brett and how to donate or help with the search. he has not been seen since last sunday when he was tubing with friends on the sacramento river. he was visiting friends in chico last weekend. the reward is up to $50,000, friends and family continue to search the chico area. the mother of two children
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kidnapped from their grandmother's home is thanking people that helped bring them home. the father is behind bars on $200,000 bail. the investigators say he forcibly took his 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son from their maternal grandmother's home on tuesday and set sail from a harbor in alameda. the coast guard began tracking the 40-foot sailboat and the children were rescued late monday night south of monday ray bay. they were examined and reunited with their mother. last night jennifer wrote, i am eternally grateful and thankful to the san francisco and alameda ploipts and united states coast guards and media for the hard work and diligence. here's to happy endings. she says both children are doing well. now to decision 2012. president barack obama is looking to build momentum in a key battleground state today.
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the president is in florida for the second straight day and is expected to talk with supporters about medicare and a new stutddy which shows an increase in health care costs for future retirees. yesterday he had free time to loosen up the tie a bit. president obama stopped by an orlando sports bar and met with patrons who were surprised to see him there. coming up later, the joke he told a patron whose child was born in hawaii. mitt romney is airing new attack ads now. the ads will appear in wisconsin in a state last carried by a republican back in 1984. in it the ad blames president obama for the federal deficit. recent polls show romney in a tie in that state. paul ryan was campaigning for cash in the bay area this weekend. the first stop yesterday morning was in danville.
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former san francisco 49er brett jones and his wife hosted a fundraiser at their home. we could see ryan on the terrace greeting guests and he also took a little time to meet young supporters outside the home including mike olson. >> people are comfortable with paul ryan and they are optimistic about the opportunities that a ryan/romney ticket or romney/ryan ticket would offer the country. >> ryan headed to mountain view for a pep rally and connected with campaign offices in nevada, wisconsin, virginia and virginia. much more coming up. quik rerelief. aftershocks continue to rattle the area. the hantavirus scare puts a
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hoarding house in lockdown. details coming up. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number
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looking live at the san mateo bridge on a chilly start. the next warm upcoming mid week so keep your sweater handy. a car bomb killed at least three people and injured more than two dozen others in a market in iraq. the explosion took place as people were gathering to look for part-time work. it was one in a searry of bombings across iraq today. also new this morning, dramatic video out of southwestern china where relief efforts are under way after deadly earthquakes on friday. they killed at least 80 people and injured more than 800 others. rocks continue to fall from hillsides and block roadways. landslides are making rescue and relief efforts difficult as well. chinese central tv broadcast video of people trying to push a
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stranded ambulance out of a valley while rocks continued to fall. people are seen running to avoid being hit by the falling rocks. >> in the wake of a deadly hantavirus outbreak in yosemite, this time in texas. a woman cleaning a home that was featured on a show about hoarding. some books were donated to a local library warehouse so that was closed as a precaution. in yosemite officials are concern infected row dents may be in other parts of the park after the death of a third tourist. the west virginia man visited in july but didn't stay at the village where the others stayed. it is contracted from breathing in dried rodent waste. a glimpse of heaven.
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a 7-year-old girl who survived a deadly storm and saw her family go to heaven. the view from the bay bridge toll plaza. there's some sunrise peeking through the clouds this morning. what about your afternoon? we'll have a look at your forecast coming up. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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i'llbut not just cheese - burgmac and cheesy... then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. san mateo bridge flowing quite nicely. we can see haze and it is a chilly start. so start with something nice and warm this morning. rob mayeda is looking at our morning forecast. i promise you were talking about how chilly it was and it dropped farther. >> we did see temperatures briefly get into the upper 30s around novato and santa rosa. right now it's warmed up, 41 degrees. 45 in seeing patchy fog around santa rosa. 55 in san jose, 48 around half
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moon bay, just patchy low clouds. when skies cleared overnight and the heat of the day before kind of re-radiates back in space, it's like sleeping without a blanket so it breaks up the low clouds and you get a chilly morning ahead. now that the sun is up, we'll see the temperatures turning around. a good sign that the daytime highs are going to have a tough time warming up with a fairly persistent seabreeze through the day. mostly 60s and 70s despite the chilly start. we'll rebound nicely but mile for this time of year, if you like 80s and 90s, once we pass wednesday we'll see the numbers climb up around the inland valleys, we got the giants coming up at 5:05. low 60s and breezy at times. and a better outcome i think for this game than what happened there yesterday. satellite and radar view. we did have thunderstorms late yesterday afternoon but most of the moisture has shoved to the east though the deserts of
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southern california still dealing with monsoon moisture. in the west you can see the upper low across the coast overnight and that's going to help kind of bring up those winds as we go through the afternoon as the jet stream is still just off to our north, trough off the coast has been keeping us pretty mild. this is the way the weekend will finish out, cool and a little gusty on the tops. lake county has a red flag warning due to dry and breezy conditions, rest of the area not under a red flag warning but you'll notice the winds picking up. the low clouds fill in by the evening. we'll see low clouds spilling in towards hayward and fremont. today's high's, mid 70s around san jose and maybe low 80s inland. it will be tough with the winds staying onshore. as you get into the north bay, 70s and winds may bring up santa rosa's temperatures a little bit. but we will definitely see warming as we get back to the
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workweek. a few dreegrees on monday then you'll notice it by wednesday and thursday. 80s and 90s inland and cool 60s on the coast and the sea breeze never stops but won't make its way as far inland. these chilly mornings, we're officially in september and the mornings get more chilly. >> we keep losing track of our sweat shirts take them off at the end of the day, who knows where they are. >> time to unpack the winter clothes. >> who do they put them, the dummy strips to hold on to them. cleanup day along the eastern seaboard where the weather was way worse than ours. in new york city, two tornadoes touched down and fortunately no one was seriously injured. in washington, d.c. strong winds left tens of thousands of people in the dark. crews were out working all day
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repairing power lines and cleaning up fallen trees. lauren's ride just kicked off from the golden gate bridge. the organizer will bicycle to the brooklyn bridge to raise money for his sister lauren. he's hoping to generate $60,000 for the purchase for a vehicle for his sister. the journey will take him 36 days to complete. we'll keep track of him for you. people will soon hit the streets in san francisco to support breast cancer research. taking part in the 22nd race for the cure. it is a 5k walk and run starting from the fertry building. enrollment was down 50%. many people say because of the controversy surrounding the organization and planned parenthood. the national office for the
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komen organization dropped funding for planned parenthood over what they called idealogic idealogical differences. a young girl who lost several family members in a tornado is inspiring other children and grown-ups through her writing. she describes seeing her family enter heaven. here's her incredible story. >> tables turned over and everything turned over. >> reporter: she isn't just reading a book, she's reading a book she's wrote. to heaven after the storm. she recounts the april 27th tornado that leveled her grantd parent's homes claiming the lives of her parents and maternal grandparents and cousin. it was within the tornado that she describes seeing a staircase to heaven. but ari saw someone, a woman, tall with long wavy blonde hair. she never seen her but new ari's
7:21 am
name and held her hand. at the top of the steps, ari described seeing two huge doors. >> really tall and diamond handles. >> reporter: and the doors opened and ari saw family members that passed away and then saw someone holding her little cousin jaden. >> who was holding jaden? >> jesus. >> reporter: at that point the angel took ari back down. she remembers waking up in a field near her grandparent's home. a family friend who works at the university of north alabama and grieving children, she's a family friend who became ari's mentor. >> she had so much detail and so arctic lack. >> reporter: she knew what she was hearing was a treasure and specialized in setting up curriculums and she set up treasure boxes, she called the caskets of her family members. dr. reburn filled two box with
7:22 am
keepsakes with things from her father and mother, pictures from her mother, cell phone. >> what's this chewing gum about. >> it was the favorite. >> reporter: one thing they quickly realized this wouldn't just help ari but could help countless children and adults across the country. that's why this book was born. it is filled with art work, ari's art work, words and photographs. >> when you hear her talk about it, there's no way it didn't happen. it is something that happened to her and very real. there's no way it's not her experience. >> why the book? both ari and dr. reburn feel it can help countless others understand what lies beyond. >> to let me know where they are. >> if you lay someone who's close to you and sometimes really bad ways to know they went immediately to a whole
7:23 am
wonderful place that's bright and how can it not do anything but give you hope? >> reporter: hope that the end is really just a new beginning. >> sometimes the kids explain it better than we do, right? >> much more ahead on today in the bay. she sparks passion about horses for amateurs. the coloraalifornia woman whots helping young girls help to ride them. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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[ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. when you get kids interested in something you never know where it's going to lead. for a west roseville woman, a love of horses turned her into a teacher helping young girls find their own passion in life. steve field takes us for a ride. >> let him putter around to get started. >> i was born out here. my mom runs the barn. i am the training manager.
7:26 am
i've always noefr i was born to be out here at gold country. this people is truly magical. and everybody that comes here has a magical feeling and it sounds weird but they think it's in the water so they bring their water from town, fill their water bottles up and hope to get some of gold country in their everyday life when they are not at the ranch. they start here and never leave. we have generations literally of families riding here and start as children and graduate high school and go off to college and have families of their own. they come back with their babies and their babies start riding and it's a totally family friendly place. >> the great thing about kids being with horses and learning how to ride is that they do get a lot of responsibility. and when they love a horse, they want the responsibility. they want to take care of them. it's like almost like you're --
7:27 am
they are your soul mates but from a kid's standpoint, it's unconditional love from their best friend. you would rather have your 16-year-old girl at the barn on friday night kissing their horse than out where you don't know where she is kissing a boy. when you think of horses, you wouldn't think it's a team sport. but it is, it's a two-team sport. you make a 1200 pound animal do something. you have to will them and they, your partner have to want to work for you. you can't kick a horse and make them go. if they don't want to go, they are not going. it's nice for kids to feel like they are part of a team and a team where it's just them and one other person who would do anything for them. i am so proud. every day i feel like i'm the luckiest person in the world every day, i'm so grateful for my life. i'm going to cry. very lucky. >> we should also feel so lucky. we'll be right back. good morning! wow.
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good morning to you, looking live at the blue sky that is good to look at through the window because it is chilly out there on this sunday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez, those maps all different colors depending on the temperatures, they were really blue. >> blue the color of our set this morning. in the north bay right now light blue perhaps. 41 degrees in santa rosa. earlier it was 39. it was really chilly. drier air overnight allowing the overnight temperatures to drop off but now patchy fog santa rosa, 65. san jose and san francisco, wind direction is still west. and that is going to push in eventually more low clouds that marine layer which broke up overnight will fill in as we head towards the evening. we'll see highs around lunchtime starting to see 70s inland but the warmest places today may be
7:31 am
out towards pleasant ton and livermore, close to 80. a fairly cool finish to the weekend. the workweek does show 90s coming back. we'll look at the timing on the warming trend ahead in a few minutes. thank you very much, rob. two years ago today a deadly pg&e gas explosion ripped through a san bruno neighborhood. the city will mark that anniversary and honor the victims with a ceremony today starting the 5:00 this afternoon. a plaque and sculpture will be revealed. gasline explosion injured dozens of others in 2010 and destroyed 38 homes as well. there's a pending lawsuit to improve pipeline oversight but for gomez who's family still lives there worries there still could be another explosion. >> whatever that can be done to improve and get that sense of piece of mind that everything is okay, i think it will be better for the community. but i think the community is still edgy about that because it
7:32 am
still too fresh. >> a group of san bruno neighbors are boycotting the ceremony at the park and holding their own remembrance because they want the city to hold the event at the epicenter of the explosion. a walnut creek man is in custody after allegedly plowing into a family with his pickup truck. the accident happened around 6:30 near the intersection of north main street and parkside drive. witnesses say a group of three people were on the sidewalk when a speeding truck ran into them. according to published reports, the mother was killed and her adult daughter was severely injured. the driver of the pickup, 53-year-old of walnut creek, had to be pried free because it was wedge -- his truck was wedged between a retaining wall and light pole. he was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter. witnesses like renee wade describe the scene. >> the young girl, she was laying down. he was -- her head was all
7:33 am
bloody. >> that's what i heard. >> she was conscience and i was kind of looking. and then another lady came to me and she said that mom is dead. >> police are looking into how fast the pickup truck driver was going and whether alcohol played a role in accident. police in pittsburgh are investigating a shooting at the park friday night in which an 18-year-old man was killed. the teenager was at buchanan park with three other people. according to family members, they were there to film a rap video. another group approached an an argument between the two parties escalated to the shooting. the victim's family says he wasn't the kind of kid who was looking for trouble. >> he's a very strong individual, loving, honest, very respectful and he mind his parents. >> it kills me to see a young man trying to do right and so
7:34 am
many people doing wrong. you get the one, two trying to do right and this happens, broad daylight. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video from nearby cameras and also asking anyone with information on gunman to come forward. we're told the 18-year-old victim also had a 1-year-old child. this morning san bruno police are searching for a suspected bank robber. investigators say he held up a citibank branch on san mateo around 10:00 in the morning. the man allegedly gave the teller a note demanding money. after getting the cash, he was last seen driving away in a while two-door car, possibly a hyundai. people say he was wearing a green hoodywith a skeletal zeen along with a black baseball cap. the 49ers faith pl appear ready to move into the new home. fans have bought up $670 million worth of seats and luxury boxes.
7:35 am
70% of current ticket holders are spending thousands of dollars to keep their seats. but thousands of other fans are not choosing to renew. they say the costs are just too high. construction on the 49ers new home is expected to be complete in two years. if you drive by the scene, you can see it's underway. to decision 2012. republican vice presidential candidate is beginning debate preparations today. he will meet with advisers in oregon over his upcoming faceoff with vice president joe biden. ryan is just coming off of a by area visit. he was in danville yesterday. there you see him in the difference. former 49ers brett jones opened up their homes for a fundraiser there. tickets started at $1,000. ryan, again, we saw him on the terrace and greeting guests and saw him taking time to meet with young supporters outside the home. another supporter, mike olson tells us why he's on board with
7:36 am
that republican ticket. >> the atmosphere was great. people were comfortable with congressman ryan and i think they enjoyed listening to what he had to say and optimistic about the opportunities that a romney/ryan ticket would offer the country. >> now after about an hour in danville, ryan headed to mountain view for a google plus video pep rally and connected with nevada, wisconsin, virginia and in florida. we have more ahead on today in the bay. mind games that may be good for you and give your brain a boost. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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and we are looking live at the city of oakland. lots of blue sky there. but don't forget it is going to stay chilly rkts at least through mid week when it will feel a little less brrr
7:39 am
septemberish, here's a look at the latest numbers for retail sales. it is now september an election year and the kids are back in school, football players are right where they should be on gridiron or sidelines. after a five-week break known as a state work period, congress returns to washington. the federal reserve busy this week also holding a two-day policy meeting on interest rates. what everyone will be looking for, whether the central bank will announce a third round of stimulus measures to boost the economy and try to get hiring moving quicker. the government issues its report on retail sales for august. many big chain stores said it was better than expected as they appear to spend more money on back to school items this year. we're going to see where the same consumers aren't paying more or less for things. they are expected to show prices basically in check even though food costs for food and gasoline
7:40 am
have been rising lately. the tech world gearing up for a huge event in san francisco. apple expected to unveil the new iphone 5. it has a bigger screen and access to the latest wireless data networks and gizmos, there's rumors they could go tore a cheaper ipad tablet as well. get all of your business news on cnbc. >> and get your business and tech news before the bell weekdays starting at 4:30 in the morning. playing online games could give your brain a boost. erika edwards talks about the potential health benefits. >> reporter: classic board games are getting an online facelift, thanks to facebook and other social media outlets. games like words with friends and song pop and some think playing them may help keep the brain sharp. the good news is experts in dementia and aging process
7:41 am
degree. >> these sorts of games can do online, they help stimulate the brain and keep you challenged and make you work. >> reporter: the key is keeping yourself challenged by working to reach more difficult levels. >> the thinking process where you're not sure about whether the answer is forces you to learn. >> reporter: using a smartphone isn't the only way to stay smart. doctors still tout low brain activity too, like cross word puzzles and learning a musical instrument. >> you need to find other things to do to keep the rest of your body in shape. >> exercise and even simple walking have been linked to brain health. simple ways on the screen once in a while for real facetime with friends. >> we have more ahead for you on today in the bay. donors pouring big money into state ballot propositions. we'll talk with our political anl sift about the measures
7:42 am
getting lots of financial support and who the support is coming from. good morning! wow.
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good morning, looking live at sunol, folks making their way around town. hopefully you'll stick around for another 15 minutes or so. many of us are focusing on the presidential election, big money is also going into state ballot propositions as well though. for more let's bring in nbc bay area larry gur sten. let's talk about when we say big money, we mean big money for these propositions. >> we mean big money. this comes from a report issued to the secretary of state or by the secretary of state. as of august 31st, already more than $155 million have been spent supporting or opposing california state ballot propositions. i'll tell you, with the most important days yet to come, between now and the election,
7:45 am
it's likely double that amount. at least $300 million will be spent by november 6th. one of the most interesting facets of this is that just like individuals have been writing big fat checks for the presidential contest, guess what? they are writing big fat checks here, individual to promote their own personal ballot ideas. >> let's talk about which propositions are getting the most cash. a lot of times they are not the ones you might think. >> and of course we could talk about all 11, but i singled out three. proposition 33, that's the one designed to give automobile insurance companies more leeway, more leeway in establishing rates. so far this initiative has gone $8.3 million, almost all of which has been given by mercury insurance ceo george joseph. here's the interesting thing here. his company was fined $500,000 in 2010. why?
7:46 am
for overcharging, discriminating against drivers. that's a lot to talk about. proposition 38, which would raise state income taxes of almost all californians to help finance public education. that's attracted $19 million from one person. civil rights lawyer munger and this is going head to head with proposition 30, a less taxing measure supported by brown which brought support from business and labor. last, we could go on, let's look at prop 39, which would close a huge billion and a half dollar tax loophole as the price demanded by republicans to patch an already, already out of whack state budget. so proponents here have raised $19 million for the proposal to kickback the corporate loophole with almost all of the money coming from thomas stiier.
7:47 am
simply put, in lots of instances, chris, individuals are spending big bucks to get their way, whether the cause is noble or not. >> what is the takeaway from all of this? you have a lot of influence from one person, does it balance out with the rest of the people or not? >> this is -- president obama would say a teachable moment. ballot propositions tend to be to begin with poorly written. often misleading. if we do a little research on what's behind and who's behind those propositions, we learn a lot. we go a long way toward making a much more educated decision. by the way, here's where i got a lot of my information. one great source for learning who's behind what is map you go there and there's a california section and you can learn an awful lot about who's really paying for what. >> that's a who's paying for what if you want the unbias that come from the secretary of state. >> secretary of state rolls out the figures but they are
7:48 am
sometimes hard to read and hard to get through. but actually goes through proposition by proposition, donor by donor and shows you who's giving what to whom. i'll tell you, then you begin to get an idea, if that person or that group is for or against it, how do i feel? and it helps become a more educated voter, isn't that what we want to be? >> i would say yes. >> we will see you in a couple of weeks. >> you can always get his insight president barack obama did a little fact checking on the campaign trail this weekend at the sports bar in orlando. you'll have to listen carefully. >> born where? >> hawaii. >> okay. you have a birth certificate? >> yes, sir. >> in case you couldn't hear that, the president asked the boy who said he was born in hawaii whether or not he had a birth certificate. the joke references conspiracy
7:49 am
theer rists spearheaded by donald trump that the president is not a u.s. citizen even after he released his birth certificate. meanwhile, the president is also spending his second straight day in florida today. he is expected to talk with supporters today about medicare not birth certificates. much more ahead on "today in the bay" it is the kind of flea markets most of us can dream about. snapping up a rare work of art at a bargain price. >> a cool start to the sunday morning, looking live over oakland. mostly clear skies and a mild looking sunday forecast when we come right back.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. welcome back, here's the view this morning, san rafael, gorgeous clear skies but chilly, especially north of mare rain
7:52 am
county, we're seeing numbers in the low 40s. santa rosa, one of the spots with patchy fog, 41 degrees. earlier 39. it was a very chilly start to the morning there. 55 in san francisco and 54 in oakland. winds coming in as an onshore breeze, clearly into fairfield and concord. 21-mile-per-hour the winds in fairfield and livermore. a very chilly start to the morning. patchy areas of low clouds. afternoon highs mostly 60s and 70s, few 80s well inland. i think we'll see low 90s coming back by thursday. at&t forecast giants and dodgers later early evening start to the game. 5:00, you'll see low 60s and breezy at times with mostly sunny skies and patchy clouds coming in later during the game. satellite and radar view shows you don't have any thunderstorm activity. the monsoonal moisture trying to drift out being shoved to east
7:53 am
by the weather system crossing the coast to the north and we're also getting the mixing of drier air down the marine layer which helps to break up the low clouds overnight. as this system crosses inland it will enhance the onshore winds. sul see winds during the afternoon, 50s and 60s around the bay. look out lake county, could get dry conditions and those winds increasing. there is a red flag warning during the day up around lake county. around the bay area today, 70s for most of us around the inner bay and santa clara valley. areas farther south could get into low 80s. around the east bay, we'll see mainly 70s through the 580 corridor towards dublin and lower 80s around pleasant ton and low 80s stords fairfield for the afternoon. the warmest spot we'll see around the bay area today. morning b north bay, maybe close to 80.
7:54 am
but with the winds you won't warm up a lot around wine country. today likely the coolest day for inland valleys. for the middle part of the week, the temperatures will come up, 80s and 90s inland towards livermore. the fog is going to stick around through the seven-day forecast. >> thank you very much. gir deli square is use a delicious destination, today it will be a chok aholiks dream. the streets were flowing with chocolate. >> you could smell the chocolate blocks away and it's fabulous. >> chocolatey and delicious and kind of mind boggling to know which to eat first. >> don't worry, sts till going on today as well. $20 ticket gets you 30 tastes of candy, pass tri and sauces and chocolate wine. it helps project open hand which
7:55 am
helps get nutritious meals to the elderly and sick. people will soon hit the streets in san francisco to support breast condition certificate research. they are taking part in the susan g comkomen race for the c. enrollment this year is down about 50% because of the controversy surrounding the organization and planned parenthood, the national office dropped funding for planned parenthood over idealogical differences but soon reversed the decision, though for many the damage was already done. 10,000 people lined up in san jose for a chance to see the u.s. women's gymnastics team who wowed the world at the 2012 olympics. the champions kicked off a 40-city tour last night. the event is made up of olympic stars past and present. the crowd went wild for the u.s. women's gold medal team,
7:56 am
especially gabby douglas. >> gabby is the first african-american to be an individual gold medalist so i'm proud of her. >> the kellogg's tour is more entertainment than competition though they did show off their technical moves. it was also the site of the olympic trials for gymnastics this year. how about this for a bargain of a lifetime? a woman may have unwomeningly -- unwittingly brought a r.e.m. orr for less than $50. the painting could fetch up to $100,000 at auction. art experts believe it is one of renoir's river seens.
7:57 am
a plaque of the frame prompted the woman to have it analyzed. >> the lady brought it in in a plastic bag and very excited but she didn't know. she opened up the bag and straightaway, it just looked right. it's the color, it's the vibrant color and pinks and purples. and it's renoir is known for his rapid brush strokes and color is really important. >> the woman bought the painting as part of a box lot. she bought the painting, a plastic doll and plastic cow. those not fetching big prigss. on owning a piece of the rock and roll could cost you money. $94,000 for elvis's bible at an auction. what makes this 1600 page bible more special, it has notes written by elvis himself. the book was given to him by his aunt and uncle back in 1957.
7:58 am
thanks for making us a part of your morning. remember, sunday night football is on tonight. we'll see you soon. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor,
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